Reviews for my new book, Nothing But a Song, are in! And it looks like it’s a hit.

Read the review from Jane E. Wohl, poet and author below:

Keri De Deo’s new book, Nothing but a Song, (Crystal Publishing, Fort Collins, Co.2018. 132 pp.) demonstrates the resilience of the human spirit and shows readers the healing power of music. The book begins with a car crash that involves Rebecca and her boyfriend. The boyfriend dies, and Rebecca is left with severe hearing loss caused by a traumatic brain injury.  Rebecca has always been a singer, but now her hearing loss makes her feel that she can no longer do what she loves.  With the help of a number of people, Rebecca learns to sing again, using visual aids and learning to feel the vibrations rather than the actual tones themselves.  This story provides a wonderful guide for recovering from tragedy and learning to trust both friends and one’s own instincts.

De Deo’s prose is clean and straightforward. Her dialogue is believable. She clearly has an ear for the way kids talk. A musician herself, De Deo helps readers feel the devastating loss that Rebecca feels. She shows how isolating deafness can be in a hearing, and sound-filled world.

As the book progresses, De Deo shows Rebecca becoming more aware of her other senses. She notices the visual world around her and pays attention to people’s facial expressions in ways that she would not have had she been relying on her hearing.

This story is uplifting and engaging. It’s completely appropriate for middle school readers and up. Readers who are musicians will be particularly interested in the ways the Rebecca relearns to reconnect with her own musical talent.

Jane E. Wohl

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